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Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds pleads with religious leaders to accept LGBTQ youth

“It is a flawed system, not a flawed individual"

By Steve Brown

Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds has pleaded for religious leaders worldwide to show LGBTQ youth that they are ‘perfect the way they are’.

The singer – who identifies as straight – has been an LGBT advocate over the years and has publicly slammed the Mormon church, which he is a member of, for their treatment of the LGBT community.

Now, Reynolds – who stepped away from the Mormon church – has called for religious leaders to support LGBTQ youth and said it is up to them to lead before any more LGBTQ people take their own lives.

Writing on Twitter, Reynolds said: “I plead with our religious leaders across the world to stand up for equality together.

“True equality – not empty words of love – but statements and actions that’s show our LGBTQ youth that they are “sinless” and perfect just as they are.

“Until these changes are made within the doctrines of orthodox faith, we will continue to see increased rates of suicidality and depression/anxiety amongst our LGBTQ youth.

“It is a false notion that LGBTQ youth are more likely to have emotional vulnerabilities because of who they are/how their brains are programmed.

“The truth is that the leaders of our communities have created societal rules that leave no room for our LGBTQ youth to be healthy.

“It is a flawed system, not a flawed individual.

“Until the leaders of all orthodox faiths denounce conversion therapy and accept our LGBTQ youth into full fellowship, I believe we will continue to see a great exodus from all orthodox faith. we are not a generation that will stand for intolerance, homophobia or racism.

“And to those that say the simple answer is for our youth to just leave religion – it isn’t that simple. many of these LGBTQ youth will be kicked out of the home and put into a more dangerous situation if they denounce the faith of their family.

“Also, many find peace in their faith. they love it. it brings them comfort in a sad and oftentimes scary world.

“It is now up to our leaders to LEAD. how many more children will be lost before we practice true love in our churches?”