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‘I’m so scared and violated right now’ – Transgender student left terrified after school staff break into toilet cubicle

The Minnesota school claimed the video misrepresented the incident

By Steve Brown

A transgender student recorded a video of school staff breaking into the bathroom cubicle.

Student Cece – who attends Osseo Senior High School, in Minnesota – was using the female bathroom at the school when she started recording an incident where, what appears to be staff members, trying to get into the cubicle.

Cece – who had her trousers down at the time – posted two clips to Facebook where one person can be seen peering over the top of the stall.

A stick is then used to open the stall and both male and female staff members looking on.

In the video, Cece says she feels “violate and scared” during the incident.

She says: “I’m using they bathroom right now and they just violated me. They’re some perverts.

“There’s no concern to safety just because I’m using the bathroom. I’m so scared and violated right now.

“They just walked into the bathroom while I was using the bathroom for no reason.”

Although it was not explained why the staff members were trying to open the door, the school issued a statement to CBS Minnesota claiming the video “misrepresented” the incident.

They said: “[The] staff works very hard every day to help ensure an inclusive school where all students feel welcome, respected and safe.

“We wish we could provide additional details about this incident but are committed to protecting the student’s right to data privacy.

“When issues arise involving students, staff take appropriate actions to review the situation.”

Watch the video below: