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‘I’m gay, but I’m not…’ Buzzfeed video slammed on social media

By Joshua Haigh

Social media is up in arms over a new Buzzfeed video.

In the newly released video, a group of diverse gay men talk about their likes and dislikes in a bid to show that not everyone falls into the same restrictive stereotype.

However, screenshots of the video have been making the rounds on Twitter, and a number of gay men have hit back at those who feature for appearing to be “proud of not fitting the stereotype”.

One user tweeted: “I’m not a regular gay, I’m a cool gay” alongside images from the clip, while others suggested it was a good concept that had simply been poorly executed.

However, some users came out in defence of the video, insisting that it was merely trying to prove that gay men aren’t all the same.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts on social media: