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How NOT to try and enlarge your penis

By Will Stroude


The two most successful ways of increasing your penis size are to either enhance the girth through autologous fat injection or fillers, (artificial or natural) and the length through a surgical procedure called Ligamentolysis. The success of these procedures will be determined by a number of factors including your own objectives, the amount of aftercare you maintain and the skill of your doctor such as our doctors at International Andrology, where we perform over 300 operations a year.

The results are literally clear to see but misinformation persists online. Here is a guide on how NOT to increase the size of your penis!


While Puppetry of the Penis specialises in producing intricate shapes out of the male member, tying ball bearings to your Johnson will not stretch the length of your penis. In fact, straining the erectile mechanism can create damage and erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease. Lifting a tiny dumbbell around your penis will not improve its core strength and unless you’re really drunk, it looks pretty silly.


While the benefits of a healthy balanced diet are well researched, known, and written about constantly, it will not boost your penis ego. Your penis size will not grow if you only eat meat for a year. Nor will it boost if you down a pasta dish mid-afternoon or double in width with that 400th coffee. What it can do is get you in better shape to receive treatment on your penis such as surgery. And you will live longer, probably.


There are many pills sold online in flashy advertising that promise massive gains in organ development, hormonal boosts to attract the partner of your choice or even a mix of both. While the role of pheromones in human attraction is being researched, they do not grow your penis to a larger size.


There is no herb or tonic that will enhance the size of your penis. Neither girth or length. What it will do is make your dinner delicious, spicy, salty or sweet. Polish up your culinary skills to impress your partner but forget any size boosting.

Traditional Medicine

Eating the penis of a dead tiger will not enlarge your manhood. In fact, most modern medical studies have shown that any penis boosting TCM provides no known benefit and in reality, probably gives you really bad breath while destroying our natural animal wonders. Don’t do it.


You may love a downward dog, sweating it out in spandex or even moving your back into a weird bridge position it was never intended to do, but this won’t increase your penis size. It may dislocate your shoulder, but Yoga was intended to de-stress the mind and body, not increase the size of your favourite body part. Time to stop the swan and embrace reality.

Wishing, praying, thinking

These methods won’t get the job done and will probably keep you up at night. In today’s modern medical world, the best option is to talk to a specialist for an honest appraisal of what is possible. Don’t sweat it, talk about it and work out what you can do about it.

These methods will not be effective and can actually lead to damage in some cases. However, there are 100% guaranteed ways to improve your penis girth and length or both. If you are interested in size enhancement, talk to International Andrology for a no-nonsense solution.

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