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Homophobic Pete Buttigieg voter attempts to take back vote after discovering he’s gay – WATCH

The anonymous voter is quickly schooled on loving thy neighbour by a caucus staffer.

By Will Stroude

The Democrats’ Iowa caucus might have been hit by a “coding error” that has prevented the final result from being called, but that’s not the only chaotic energy that’s been emanating from the mid-western US state this week.

A new video from the caucus – the first public vote in the race to choose a Democratic nominee to run against Donald Trump in November’s US presdiential election – shows the incredible moment a homophobic Pete Buttigieg voter attempts to take back her vote after discovering her preferred candidate is in fact gay.

Buttigieg, a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana who came out publicly in 2015 before marrying his partner, Chasten, three years later, is widely known to be the first ever openly gay Democratic candidate to run for President of the United States.

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That’s a fact that’s seemed to escape one anonymous supporter, however, who can be seen asking for her voting card back after being told the 38-year-old politician has a same-sex partner.

“Are you kidding? the voter says, when told of Mayor Pete’s marital status by a caucus staffer, who is sporting a Pete Buttigieg badge.

The voter adds: Well I don’t want anybody like that in the White House. So can I have my card back?”

The staffer, displaying admirable patience in the face of such ignorance, tells her: “We can talk to someone if you need to talk to someone about this, I don’t know the rules on this this.

“But I’d like you to dig depe inside and think ‘Should it matter if it’s a woman, or it’s a man, or if they’re heterosexual or homosexual, if you believe in what they say?'”

Undeterred, the voter says: “It all just went right down the toilet is where it all just went.”

The pair then debate what the Bible says about same-sex marriage (the correct answer is nothing), before the staffer gestures to her son and says: “I think we’re just interpreting it different, and that’s ok.

“What I teach my son is that love is love, and we’re all human beings.”

Despite the drama, Iowa’s Democratic Party reports that data from 71% of precincts indicates that Mr Buttigieg is emerging victorious from the crisis-hit causus, with 26.8% of the vote.

With the final result yet to be announced, Bernie Sanders was second on 25.2%, Elizabeth Warren was third on 18.4% and Joe Biden fourth on 15.4%, BBC News reports.

Watch the video of the exchange in full below: