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High school boys arrested for allegedly raping student in brutal ‘hazing’ incident

By Will Stroude

Three US high school boys have been arrested following the brutal alleged rape of a fellow student and basketball teammate.

The students, from Ooltewah High School in Tennessee, have been charged with sexually assaulting the 15-year-old freshman, who played alongside them on the school’s varsity basketball team, with a pool cue on the evening of December 22, News Channel 9 reports.


The assault, which is being treated as aggravated rape and has been described as part of a vicious ‘hazing’ incident, took place a cabin the team were staying at during a local basketball tournament.

The victim was rushed to the hospital following the incident, where he underwent surgery for serious internal injuries including a ruptured bladder and colon, The Heavy reports.

Police have confirmed that a 17-year-old male has been charged with inserting the pool cue into the victim’s rectum, while the two 16-year-old males have been charged with holding the victim down while it happened.

The alleged attackers have reportedly been suspended from school and kicked off the basketball team, which has been discontinued for the rest of the season.

The victim’s grandmother says she wants to see the boys involved permanently excluded however, and has criticised Ooltewah High School staff’s for allowing the violent assault to happen in the first place.

“I’m not satisfied with them just being kicked off the team or a long term suspension for the students involved. I want them expelled from the Hamilton County school system” she told reporters.

“Legal actions will be taken against all negligent parties. I want both coaches and the chaperones charge; the athletic deptartment shut down. I am just sick to my stomach about this whole situation.”

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