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Hawaiian governor bans gay panic defences, gay conversion therapy and introduces non-binary gender driving licences

David Ige signed the three bills into law earlier this week

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

The governor of Hawaii has signed three bills which include banning ‘gay panic’ defences and gay conversion therapy.

On Wednesday (June 26), governor David Ige signed three bills into law which saw non-binary gender options on driving licences and banning gay conversion therapy come into effect – joining 16 other US states that have banned the archaic practice.

Joining the likes of California, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada and Rhode Island, Hawaii also became the sixth US state to ban the ‘gay panic defence’ for murder charges.

The executive director of Hawaii’s commission on the status of women, Khara Tapay Jabola-Carolus wrote on Instagram: “Hawaii passed our bill for a non-binary driver’s licence, recognising transgender and gender nonconforming identities on government ID.

“Everyone can select an X option instead of M or F. Let the kids be their authentic selves.

“This wasn’t just about simple recognition of transgender folks by the mainstream. It was about decolonisation of the status of gender minorities and women, and taking a step to honour the inclusive society of Native Hawaiians.”

Residents of Hawaii will be able to choose a non-binary gender on their driving licenses from July 2020.