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Hawaii becomes 12th state to ban ‘gay cure’ therapy on minors

Hawaii Governor David Ige signed SB270 yesterday (May 25) which prohibits the practice

By Fabio Crispim

Hawaii has become the 12th US state to ban ‘gay cure’ therapy on minors. 

Conversion therapy is already illegal in 11 US states, and Hawaii has become the latest to ban the controversial practice. 

Governor David Ige signed Senate Bill 270 on Friday (May 25), which bans professionals from “engaging in, attempting to engage in, or advertising the offering of sexual orientation change efforts on persons under eighteen years of age”. 

In a statement, Ige said: “Overwhelming scientific research has shown that ‘conversion therapy’ is not effective and frequently has lasting, harmful psychological impacts on minors. 


“This practice is neither medically nor ethically appropriate. For our LGBT youth, this therapy often results in feelings of isolation, depression and hopelessness – and has no place in Hawaii, or in the lives of our youth.” 

Ige also shared a photo of the historic moment on Twitter alongside the caption: “Signed SB270, prohibits therapists from ‘#conversiontherapy’ to patients under 18.

“I’m proud to join the 11 other states and send a strong message to our #LGBT youth: that sexual orientation is not an illness to be ‘cured’ – we accept you just the way you are. #BornPerfect #HIGov”. 

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin praised the move in a statement, saying: “So-called ‘conversion therapy’ is a dangerous and inhumane form of child abuse that has no basis in science and is uniformly rejected by every major mental health and child welfare organisation.

“We thank the many advocates, allies, parents and survivors who spoke out against this abusive practice and urged their elected officials to adopt these crucial protections.” 

The law will take effect July 1.