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Half of all people carry ‘gay genes’, study finds

By Fabio Crispim

There has always been a debate over ‘gay genes’ and if they actually exist. However, new research has suggested that around half of all people could be carrying ‘gay genes’ that are passed through generations and influence sexuality.

Science Daily notes that the genes have “helped homosexuality be present among humans throughout history and in all cultures”, despite the fact that LGBT people are statistically less likely to have offspring.

Giorgi Chaladze, from the Ilia State University in Georgia, published his findings in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior. In the report, he used a computational model to look at the influence of genes and heredity on homosexuality.

The report states that despite homosexual men having “five times fewer children” than straight men,  it is their female relatives who carry and pass on the genes.

According to Chaladze’s calculations, male homosexuality can be maintained in populations if half of males and just over half of females carry the genes which are often associated with male homosexuality.

Chaladze has said that the trend of female family members having more children can help “explain the persistence of homosexuality, if we consider that those males who have such genes are not always homosexual.”

Heterosexual men can also be carriers of the gene and explains why the number of men who report to having any same-sex sexual behaviour or same-sex attraction are “much higher than estimates of those who self-identify as homosexual or bisexual.”

Chaladze adds that “non-homosexual male carriers might sometimes manifest interest in homosexual behaviour without having a homosexual identity.”

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