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Gok Wan hits out at sexual and racial stereotyping in the gay community

By Will Stroude

Gok Wan has hit out at femme-shaming and racial stereotyping in the gay community, saying he finds it “offensive” that people assume he’s a bottom because he’s effeminate and Asian.

The former How to Look Good Naked host, who is currently touring the UK with his new one-man show ‘Naked and Baring All’, has hit out at the pervasive and false belief among many gay men that camp or Asian men must be the passive partner in bed.

Appearing on the new Attitude Heroes podcast – available to listen to and download now – Gok says: “I find it really offensive because people automatically assume I’m a bottom. I find it really really offensive.”

The 43-year-old presenter adds: “I’d just like to point out right now that absolutely not all Asians are bottoms. Myself included.”

Gok goes on to explain that he believes effeminacy is often wrongly associated with Asian gay men because of their physical appearance.

“Is it to do with the fact that when we think about gay Asia we think ‘Bangkok ladyboy’? Is it something to do with how Asian bodies are constructed? Where they were predominantly all hairless. Or a lot of us were completely hairless. So naturally that feels very feminine.

“Is it to do with the petite size of the average Asian? Is it something to do with that? I don’t know; these are just questions.”

As well as race, Gok also hits out at the stereotype that effeminate men are bottoms.

“Again, it’s a moment of misogyny within the community they assume that if you are camp or effeminate that you are going to be the female person in the relationship i.e. you’re going to be the vessel the reciprocal moment within a physical relationship,” he says.

“It’s absolute bollocks. It’s complete rubbish.”

Attitude’s Masculinity Issue is out now. Buy in printsubscribe or download.

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