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George Takei gives Alabama the finger over gay marriage ruling

By Josh Haggis

George Takei has taken to social media to criticise Alabama’s same-sex marriage ruling.

The actor and LGBT activist posted a picture of himself and his husband “giving the wedding finger” to Alabama, in response to the state backtracking on the recent over turning of its same-sex marriage ban.

Although a federal judge ruled that Alabama’s gay marriage ban is unconstitutional, the state’s Supreme Court later overruled the ban, meaning that probate offices throughout the state have had to cease issuing same-sex marriage licences to gay couples.


In a statement to Huffington Post about the picture, Takei pointed out that a few decades ago, it would have been illegal for a white person to marry an Asian American like himself only 60 years ago.

I was genuinely dismayed to hear that a state’s highest court would flout a federal court order, which was left to stand by both the Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. This is grandstanding at its worst, and it is extraconstitutional.

You know, 60 years ago it wasn’t considered a real marriage if a white person wanted to marry an Asian American like me. And now look, I married a white dude. Times change. Attitudes change. And for the better.

We decided to speak out in this somewhat tongue in cheek way to make an important point. It is all about love, and we, as a same-sex couple, just want the same right to have our love recognized.

We hope enough couples, gay and straight, join with us to make this point. We’ll be collecting up the pics, all tagged with the hashtag #LuvUAlabama plus each couple’s home state, to create a mosaic of support for marriage equality. We hope Alabama, too, soon joins the right side of history, as all of America one day will

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