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Gay ‘Teen Vogue’ editor unleashes on ‘homophobic’ critics of anal sex guide

By Ross Semple

A gay editor at Teen Vogue has come to the defence of the magazine after the magazine was criticised for publishing an anal sex guide in its latest issue.

Aimed at “teens, beginners and all inquisitive folk,” the guide is there to help those in need get tips on how to prepare, how to stay comfortable and how to make their sex even better.

It was aimed at both men and women of all ages, and the guide insisted that condom use is essential, but sadly right-winger’s still managed to find an issue.

A writer at Christian website Stream condemned the piece in a scathing attack, claiming that it only pushes young people to engage in homosexual activity.  “It is glorifying as good, normal and healthy, the harmful practice of homosexual sex. This is a decisive, deliberate tactic of those forcing the current perverted sexual ideology on our society. It is the homosexualization and dehumanization of our children,” wrote Jennifer Hartline.

“People parade and cheer for Pride, as young children are exposed to naked men and women engaging in sex acts on the streets, while the elite smile and praise this show of enlightenment and “education.” Not only do the parents not object, they’re snapping photos of their kids waving rainbow flags as all the naked debauchery walks by.”

Now, Digital Editorial Director at Teen Vogue Phillip Picardi has taken aim at those who have criticised the magazine in a Twitter thread that has gone viral.

Picardi wrote that the criticism of the article is  “rooted in homophobia”. He continued: “It’s also laced in arcane delusion about what it means to be a young person today.

“Until queer sex, love, and families are included in education, we’re doing a dangerous and potentially lethal disservice to a growing population. Gen Z will be our queerest and most fearless generation yet.”

Check out his full thread below:

What are your thoughts on the controversy?

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