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Gay teen couple ‘kicked out of restaurant for hugging’

High school students Kendall Anderson and Peder Sevig claim an employee told them: "We don't want your kind here".

By Will Stroude

A teenage couple say they we told to “get out” of a Chicago restuarant after sharing a hug.

Kendall Anderson and Peder Sevig were at Big Boy Gyros with a group of friends on Monday night (17 May) when they say they were told to stop hugging by a member of staff.

The couple, who are both students at Chicago’s Lane Tech High School say that the group decided to leave the restaurant following the exchange, but not before being told to “get out” by the employee, CBS Chicago reports.

“We can’t have two guys hugging in here,” the staff member said, according to Anderson. “And then he said something to the effect of if it was a guy and a girl it would be okay, but we can’t allow two boys.

“He added: “Right before we left he said, ‘Get out. We don’t want your kind here, anyway,’ and that was that.”

The restaurant has repeatedly failed to respond to requests for comment from CBS. What their coverage of the incident below: