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Gay men over 65 have the best sex lives, study finds

By Anthony Lorenzo

In news that will surely be music to the ears of anyone afraid of ageing (so, all of us then) a new study conducted by Sigma Research in conjunction with the Terrence Higgins Trust has revealed that gay and bi men over 65 have the best sex lives of any age group.

The England Gay Men’s Sex Survey of 15,360 men – the largest study of gay and bisexual men’s sexual habits ever conducted far in the UK – showed that 70% of men 65-70 were happy with their nocturnal knocking – more than any other age group.

Gay and bi men aged 45-49 were the least satisfied, with just 54% claiming satisfactory sex lives – still a respectable amount when you hear the amount of complaining heteros do about theirs!

source: India Times

The study also collated results pertaining to HIV and safe sex.

77% of us have been tested for HIV, which is an increase since 2010. A quarter of us have never been tested.

Dr Ford Hickson, who conducted the study, said: “Reducing HIV or any other sex infections isn’t a success if you make people miserable in the process.

“That’s why sexual health organisations are starting to talk about “the best sex with the least harm.”

The study also revealed that although the practice of ‘chemsex’ – having sex using recreational drugs, often in a group scenario – wasn’t a national phenomenon, there were concentrations of it occurring in certain gay circles.

Check out the findings of the study in full here.

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