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Gay men are having a lot of sex at the gym, research shows

By Ross Semple

If you think that gym locker room sex is something that only happens in middle of the road pornography, get ready to be mildly shocked.

Apparently there are a lot of gay men like to get their rocks off after a session at the gym. They go from pumping iron to just straight up pumping, if you will.

In an entirely-necessary poll conducted by men’s activewear brand Differio, 40% of respondents admitted to having had sex at the gym, while 6% had taken a guy’s number to meet them later (because they’re classy).

Furthermore, 19% said they only used the gym to work out, and 35% said that while they’ve never gotten down and dirty in the changing rooms, they aren’t opposed to the idea. It’s good to have something to aspire to, after all.

We haven’t set foot in a gym since 2013, so we’ll just have to take everyone’s word for it.

Last week, a dating site revealed the “optimum” number of people to sleep with before you die. According to their questionable data, the ideal number of people to have sex with in your lifetime is, wait for it….. 12.

Around 40 percent of men claimed that between 10 and 14 sexual partners is “the perfect amount”.

According to the website, that number describes someone who is “sexually adventurous, liberal and transient”.

The research added that 70 per cent of men say having less than 10 partners indicates “sexual inexperience and a lack of adventure in the bedroom” but more than 19 suggests “someone is too eager to jump from partner to partner, or simply too selfish and very difficult to please.”

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