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Gay man sues boss after constant homophobic abuse

Glenn Hall was called a "greedy f****t" by a company director

By Steve Brown

A gay man was called a “greedy f****t” by his boss for asking for a pay bonus.

Glenn Hall worked as a marketing directing in Melbourne and has been a victim of constant homophobic abuse which has caused him depression after staff excluded him and abused him, the Herald Sun reported.

He even went on to say how one of the company’s director called him a “greedy f****t” when he asked about his entitled bonus.

He said: “Those two words completely destabilised me, they left me powerless.

“The incidents have completely eroded the career path I had spent years working towards.

“I know I didn’t do anything to deserve it and I try to tell myself that there isn’t something inherently wrong with me, but it’s difficult to believe because I feel like a failure – certainly like I’m less of a person.

“I feel like I’m living in the past as I am often replaying these moments in my head. It’s torture. Other times I feel defeated, powerless and alone.”

Hall posted some of the text messages between his employees which use the words “bitchy poof”, “homo”, “wanker” and “freak”.

One even went on to say: “I wish there was a gun emoticon” when referring to Hall.

Now, the disgruntled employee has decided to sue his former employer for the effects of the bullying and is claiming damages which include $450,00 Australian dollars for his unpaid bonus.