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Gay man fathers 10 children after offering his sperm to wannabe mums

By Micah Sulit

A gay man has fathered 10 children after using Facebook to offer free services as a sperm donor.

Thanks to 26-year-old Kenzie Kilpatrick from Birmingham, six women gave birth to two girls and five boys – including a set of twins – in the last few months, and another three are due to become mothers in the next month, reports the Birmingham Mail.


Kilpatrick says he began donating sperm as a way to help other people. After advertising his sperm donations on Facebook, he was reportedly contacted by over a hundred women, some from as far away as Mexico and Colombia.

The former carer said he has helped 50 childless women fulfill their dreams of becoming mothers, and for no charge other than travel and accommodation expenses to meet the women. Most of the couples he has donated sperm to are lesbian couples.

Kilpatrick was raised by his mum after his dad walked out when he was just five. “My mum taught me to shave. My mum taught me to drink a beer. She’s my rock,” he told the Daily Mail. “With the lesbian couples I couldn’t think of anything better than having two mums.

Kilpatrick established relationships with all the couples he has helped, but has distanced himself from the idea of being a father to the children he helped conceive. He signed an agreement with each couple waiving any financial support for the children.

Of his first – and most likely, last – encounter with a baby he fathered, he said: “It was fantastic but it wasn’t like, ‘Oh my God, it’s my child.’ I had no attachment. To do something like this you can’t be attached.”

Soon, though, Kilpatrick will become a father for real. He has told the media that he will no longer be donating sperm, as he has plans to co-parent a child with a lesbian couple.

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