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Gay couple kicked out of Uber for kissing at San Fransisco Pride

By Fabio Crispim

According to the Metro

, a gay couple were allegedly told that “fags rot in hell” when they kissed in the back of an Uber after San Fransisco Pride.

Gay couple Matt Tongi and Sumeet were kicked out of an Uber shortly after San Fransisco Pride.

The pair were in an Uber and Tongi told Sumeet he loved him and the pair kissed before they were kicked out of the car.

They were ordered out of the car and the driver told them that “f*gs rot in hell”. Tongi also said that the driver called them “disgusting”.


The couple have reported the incident to Uber and are awaiting a reply.

This isn’t the first time Uber passengers have suffered from homophobic abuse as a lesbian couple were abused by a driver earlier this month.

To celebrate Pride and in honour of the Orlando shooting, Uber was offering free rides on ‘gay journeys’.

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