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Gang wanted in connection for using Grindr to rob at least five victims in Oklahoma

Police claim the gang included both men and women and used the hook-up app to find victims

By Steve Brown

A gang of men and women are wanted by police are reportedly using Grindr to rob and kidnap victims.

According to KFOR, police in Oklahoma believe victims were duped by a fake profile on the hook-up app into visiting a house in a residential area.

When they arrived they were met by a gun-wielding gang who held them at gunpoint and robbed them demanding their car keys, mobile phones, cash and credit cards.

The victims – which is reported at least five showed up in one evening – where confined into a small space.

Officer Megan Morgan told KFOR: “There was only one light in that garage and a couple of victims actually described stepping over what they thought was trash and it turned out to be several of the other live victims who were lying on the floor.

“Different credit cards, they even asked for the victim’s pin numbers. They stole cell phones, keys to cars and one victim even reported that they asked for the title or deed to the car as well.”

Neighbours reportedly heard gunshots and called the police while several victims managed to escape.

Deaunte McPherson has been arrested in connection to the crime and charged with robbery with a firearm and kidnapping.

Police, however, are still searching for three more suspects – two men and a woman.