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Florida residents want gay cruising in public park to stop

By Fabio Crispim

Gay Star News reports

that a Florida resident, Michael Rajner wants to prevent men from cruising in public park’s restrooms.

Speaking to a commission panel at a meeting on April 12, Rajner said, “I ask that you take some action.”

He has said that the city needs to do more about men cruising in Colohatchee Park because the problem has reached “boiling point”.

Commissioner Julie Carson said that it’s a “very, very tough problem” and explains how she’s surprised that the city, with all of its resources, cannot stop the cruising.

“I am there regularly, five or six days a week, the days that its open, and the continual illegal activity is stunning.”

In Florida cruising for sex, or cottaging, is illegal and South Florida Gay News reports that the city has taken steps to stop it. Partitions between urinals were built in restrooms but they were torn out by vandals. The city then built new, stronger partitions.

Carson suggests that the city should penalise men who are caught cruising, “The answer is not to close the park. The answer is to enforce the law.”

The police enacted the Colohatchee Park Action Plan where they would patrol the park and, some of the police, would be dressed in pain clothes.

Public sex has been a concern for the residents and Rajner states that one woman had to scream at her son to stop him from going into the bathroom while it was being used for sex.

Rajner was also behind the removal of gay hook-up app,’s, advertisements, getting them removed from the city’s ecobins.

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