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First Dates just featured a date between two gay men using only sign language

The show was praised for including the touching scenes

By Fabio Crispim

First Dates Ireland warmed the hearts of viewers this week when it featured a date between gay men – but with a twist. 

The reality TV show depicts people going on their first dates and the latest episode fans got to see Stephen Lehane and John Charles getting to know each other. 

In the episode, Lehane, who was voted Mr Gay Europe 2017, revealed that he grew up with a speech impediment and became interested in other forms of communication.

He was matched up with John Charles, a deaf man who revealed that dating can be frustrating for him.

He revealed that most people begin to talk louder in his ear after he tells them he’s deaf and they eventually revert to either text messaging or passing a phone back and forth to communicate. 

Meanwhile, Lehane said that too he struggles on dates, but as a hearing person. He revealed that during dates with deaf men, they often want to stand by speakers to feel vibrations, which Lehane finds overwhelming as he attempts to use sign language. 

He said: “It’s funny as a hearing person I have a different experience, if I meet a deaf person in a club, they always want to stand by the speakers so they can feel the vibrations.

“Because I’m signing and because I’m hearing I find the noise really overwhelming. I’m trying to think in a different language with this booming in my ear, trying to sign at the same time.”

At the end of the episode, the pair agree to meet for a second date though its reported that Lehane moved to London soon after.

The pairing was praised by viewers on Twitter, who applauded the program for including the date and not using a voiceover in the episode.

Watch the moment below: