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Father sues school after son commits suicide over anti-gay bullying

By Fabio Crispim

Todd Seehus is suing a school after his 13-year-old son committed suicide because other kids were bullying him for being a ‘gay freak’.

Seehus is suing Lincoln Park Middle School because he believes they didn’t do enough to help his son.

The lawsuit, which filed last week in Minneapolis, claims that the school ignored and diminished the abuse.

“Tristan’s suicide was a foreseeable result of Defendants’ failure to provide him a safe educational environment.”

According to the Star Tribune, Tristan did not identify as gay but other children at the school believed him to be. He was allegedly thrown into lockers, called names and told he “looked like a girl”.

However in a statement school officials said, “While we can’t comment specifically on the litigation, it’s important to know that our schools endeavor to create an environment where all students are treated with respect and to validate the rights of all students to a safe and welcoming environment.”

Speaking to the Star Tribune Lori Peterson, Seehus’ attorney, said, “This should never happen, let alone to kids who are forced to interact with their tormentors in school every day.”

“We hope we’ll be able to make a difference for other kids through bringing this action,” she adds.

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