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Events announced for Digital Pride at London’s G-A-Y Heaven next weekend

By Attitude Magazine

Digital Pride is set to take to the mainstage of G-A-Y at Heaven fromAor a jam-packed day of pride celebrations.

The event will be hosted by Margaret Thatcher, queen of Soho, with support from global YouTube royalty, politicians, celebrities, and live entertainment from the greats of London’s gay scene.

They’ll also be performances from London Gay Big Band, Jordan Gray from The Voice UK, and the X Factor’s Danny Charles.

Prizes from vouchers, Rihanna tickets, and even a luxury hotel stay in Berlin are to be won. The festivities of Digital Pride will also include free wine tasting, live demos and community stalls.

Panel discussions on prominent issues facing the LGBT community, such as mental health, PrEP and chemsex will be run during the afternoon, and as the night draws in Spotify will provide the beats with a special LGBT playlist and remixed by the hottest DJs in London. You can follow the Digital Pride’s playlist to add your favorite songs.

The days follows a week-long festival starting on 25 April, which is set to be the first Pride anyone, anywhere in the world can join in with the help of a smartphone, computer or tablet. People all around the globe will be invited to join live-streamed video discussions on topics ranging from identity and isolation to international LGBTI rights.

Scott Nunn, director of Gay Star News, the organisation behind the event, said: “For a lot of people going to a Pride is not an option. They could risk their lives by trying to be open and proud about who they are.”

He added:”Digital Pride in 2016 will build the foundations for an annual LGBTI festival that will become the biggest Pride event in the world. And, in the spirit of Pride, it will be free.’

For more information and to sign up for an e-ticket click here. Sign up on Facebook and invite your friends here.

Words: Norberto Paredes

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