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Ellie Goulding gets in unlikely Twitter war with AIDS drug price-hike boss Martin Shkreli

By Will Stroude

In one of 2016’s strangest collision of worlds, the AIDS drug price-hike boss Martin Shkreli has found himself in a Twitter spat with none other than Ellie Goulding.

Shkreli – who was quickly dubbed ‘the most hated man in America’ in September last year after jacking up the price of a life-saving AIDS treatment drug by more than 5000% – has now incurred the wrath of the Love Me Like You Do singer, who has threatened to

It all started a few days ago, when Ellie responded to Shkreli’s latest attention-seeking ploy – a rap feud video aimed at another nemesis, Ghostface Killa – by threatening to “hunt him down” if he doesn’t “eff off”.

Shkreli, who was also arrested back in December on fraud charges, hit back yesterday with a predictably sexist remark, replying “chill bae” and calling the BRIT Award-winning singer’s musical output “garbage”.

The Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO’s comments don’t seem to have phased Ellie though – she reacted to the news earlier by threatening to take him “clean out” – and we have no doubt whatsoever that she could.

Considering Ellie’s renowned running ability Martin, we recommend you take a bit of a head start before you scarpers back off to whatever hole you crawled from.

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