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Election exit poll indicates Conservative majority

The poll indicates a majority of 86 for prime minister Boris Johnson.

By Will Stroude

The general election exit poll indicates that the Conservative Party has won an overall majority in parliament.

The result of the survey was announced as the polls closed at 10pm on Thursday (12 December), pointing to a majority of 86 for prime minister Boris Johnson.

It puts the Conservatives on 368 seats, Labour on 191, the Scottish National Party (SNP) on 55, the Lib Dems on 15, Plaid Cymru on 3, the Greens on 1 and other parties on 19.

If accurate, the result would mark the largest Conservative majority since 1987, when Margaret Thatcher led the party – and Labour’s lowest number of seats since 1935.

Of course, exit polls are not necessarily accurate, but with a predicted gain of 50 seats for the Conservative party, it looks likely Johnson will be remaining in Number 10 when the final result is called in the early hours of Friday (13 December).

The exit poll, which was conducted by Ipsos Mori, surveyed 22,790 voters at 144 polling stations across the country, the BBC reports.