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Dr Ranj Singh was ‘riddled with a lot of guilt’ after his first same-sex experience

The doctor joined the panel at National Student Pride over the weekend

By Steve Brown

Dr Ranj Singh reveals he was riddled with ‘a lot of guilt’ after having his first same-sex experience.

Growing up in an Indian Sikh household, Ranj didn’t initially identify as gay, although believed sexuality wasn’t as black and white as prescribed.

However, because of his strict upbringing he was forced to stifle his true feelings and live a life that was expected of him. In his early 20s Ranj met a woman, fell in love, and got married.

While they enjoyed several years of happiness it wasn’t long before the feelings he tried so desperately to hide suddenly began to surface again.

After divorcing, Ranj opened up about his sexuality exclusively to Attitude back in 2015.

Over the weekend, This Morning’s resident medic opened up to the audience at National Student Pride about his first same-sex experience and admitted he was riddled with guilt.

He said: “I think it was more of an exploratory thing. Exploring feelings and exploring something I’d never really had before.

“My first same-sex sexual experience, having been with someone of the opposite sex for a long time prior to that was riddled with a lot of guilt and a lot of other feelings.”

Dr Ranj also went on to highlight that some of the same issues are still relevant today due to the lack of queer sex education in schools.

“For me it felt probably different to what it would feel like to someone who is doing it for the first time now,” he continued.

“But I’m sure that a lot of people share that the first time it happens to them as well.”

Dr Ranj was joined by Attitude’s Editor-in-Chief Cliff Joannou, trans activist Charlie Craggs, radio host James Barr and Florence Schechter, director and founder of the Vagina Museum.

Watch the panel discuss the myths and misconceptions surrounding queer sex in open and honest conversation below: