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Dozens of same-sex couples kiss simultaneously outside Colombian shopping centre in protest over gay rights

The kiss-athon came two days after a gay couple were fined for holding hands and hugging in public

By Steve Brown

Dozens of same-sex couples kissed simultaneously outside a shopping centre in Colombia’s capital in protest over LGBTQ+ rights in the South American country.

The protest was held two days after two men were harassed at the Andino shopping centre by a man who pushed and shouted homophobic remarks at them accusing them of fondling each other in front of children.

However, Esteban Miranda and Nicolas Tellez denied the accusations and claimed they were only hugging and holding hands like other heterosexual couples.

The couple called the police but were outraged when they were fined for indecent exposure and the attacker got away without any punishment.

The whole ordeal was caught on video by bystanders and was shared on social media which sparked a wave of support from the LGBTQ community.

On Wednesday (April 17), hundreds of activists gathered outside the shopping centre entrance and screamed chants of support for gay rights.

Many kissed their partners in protest – despite Colombia being one of South America’s more liberal countries when it comes to LGBTQ rights.