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Demonstration to take place outside Dorchester Hotel, London, following Brunei’s capital punishment law

The hotel is owned by the Sultan of Brunei and the demonstration will take place this Saturday

By Steve Brown

A demonstration outside the Brunei-owned Dorchester Hotel, in London, will take place this weekend.

Following the outrageous news that the Sultan of Brunei has invoked capital punishment for gay men and adulterers, many people – including Elton John and George Clooney – have slammed the southeast Asian kingdom.

A call to boycott the Brunei-owned hotels around the world has been backed by the LGBTQ community and now a demonstration has been organised outside the Dorchester Hotel in London.

A group has been made on Facebook by Benali Hamdache, a Greens candidate on the London Assembly.

Writing on the group, Hamdache said: “Brunei has announced that gay sex and adultery will be punishable by death.

“The Sultan of Brunei is one of the richest men in the world and is personally responsible for this hideous law.

“He is also the owner of The Dorchester Hotel. Join our demonstration to make it clear that everyone should be boycotting his hotels.”

The demonstration will take place from 2pm to 4pm on Saturday April 6.