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David Cameron’s wife says she influenced legalising same-sex marriage

England and Wales legalised same-sex marriage back in 2014

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

David Cameron’s wife, Samantha, said she influenced legalising same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

The former UK Prime Minister held the position from 2010 to 2016 – before resigning following the results of the EU referendum – and in 2014, the government legalised same-sex marriages.

During an extract in his new book, ‘For the Record’, he says legalising marriage equality was one of his most proudest moments, but now it seems he had a little help from his wife, Samantha.

While speaking on ITV’s This Morning today (September 19), Samantha said she influenced the former PM’s decision on marriage equality.

She said: “I work in the fashion industry, so I obviously have a lot a friends who are gay.

“Some of whom found it very easy to come out to their parents at an early age, age some of which had it very difficult and it took a long time.

“If one of my children was gay, I would hate them to have to go through that.”

When asked if she influenced the decision she said: “I always feel that as a parent anything you can do to make that as easy as possible in someone’s life is important.

“And I strongly felt that being able to marry was one of those things that could make change.”