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Davey Wavey’s new series explores different body types: ‘I’m gay, disabled and sexy as f**k’

By Joshua Haigh

Davey Wavey’s new YouTube series hopes to open people’s eyes up to different body types.

#ThisIsMe will share numerous stories from a range of gay men in a bid to let people know that we don’t just have to have flat stomachs and a peachy bum to be considered attractive.

“The concept is simple: We share the body image stories of gay men from across the spectrum of our community,” the YouTuber told Huffington Post.

“These aren’t necessarily men who have all the answers or who have figured everything out. This is real life. Like you, me and most of us – they’re on a journey.”

First up is Ryan Haddad, who’s living with with cerebral palsy.

“I love my hairy legs. I find they turn on a lot of guys,” he says in the video.

“Now I’m 25 and I realise I am good enough. Men just don’t have the knowledge or the understanding that is required to approach someone who is sexy and who has a walker, or a wheelchair.”

Watch the video below: