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Danish footballer Viktor Fischer: Being called gay is not an insult

The footballer star has been victim of homophobic chants over the weekend

By Steve Brown

Danish football star Viktor Fischer has called out fans who chant homophobic slurs at him saying being gay is not an insult.

Over the weekend, the FC Copenhagen player was targeted twice by football fans from opposing teams who shouting homophobic slurs at him, despite not even playing in one of the matches.

And now, the football star has slammed the homophobic fans and told TV2 that using that being ‘homosexual’ is not an insult.

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He said: “I experience specific songs against me, directed at me by name., saying I was homosexual.

“That’s not the problem. I have nothing against being called one thing or another. The problem for me here is that the word ‘homo’ was used as an insult.

“That is a very, very bad culture for young people and generally for everyone who comes to a football stadium to see football.

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“There’s something of a culture in elite sport, in football, which is based on just being tough, keeping quiet, because that makes you a strong sportsman.

“But it’s not about being a strong sportsman. It’s about the culture at stadia needing to be better. It’s about ‘homosexual’ not being an insult.

“It never should have been… and especially in 2019 in Denmark, it should not be anymore.”

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