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Closeted gay man reveals RuPaul’s Drag Race helped him through lowest point

The man lives in Indonesia which has strict anti-gay laws

By Steve Brown

A closeted gay man has revealed RuPaul’s Drag Race has kept him alive.

The 21-year-old unnamed man lives in Indonesia and took to Reddit to talk about having anxiety due to living in a country where they have strict anti-gay laws.

But in his post, he said he discovered the popular drag show when season eight came out and admitted it has helped him when he was at his lowest point.

He wrote: “I’ve been knowing rpdr since season 8, then i watch the previous seasons and allstar. I found out about this show when i was in my lowest point of my life and this show has been helping me through all that.

“I’m in my 2nd year in college now (4th semester) majoring in computer science and recenctly things are getting harder which make my anxious worse.

“The fear of failing in classes and organizatons also facing the next semester leads my mind to affraid of not getting job in the future which make it even more difficult to come out and live the life i want (indonesia isnt a progressive country who can accept the lgbtq+ community, so to meet people who can accept me in the future i think i need to live at least in middle class society).

“I dont really make friend irl because i just want to be friend with open minded person who can accept my sexuality and i have none so far 😁,

“i tried grindr and jackd recently but most of the user in my area are still in the closet, only looking for hook up and the worst thing is racist (there’s alot of people who put no sissy, no fat, masc4masc, etc in their profile).

“I just want to share with you guys how it feels like being rpdr fan in indonesia, i always jealous with people from twitter or tumblr when they share their inner queer and have people irl who support them😊.

“Also if you are from jakarta maybe we can do a marathon of rpdr later? Haha [sic]”

Although it is legal to be gay is most provinces of Indonesia, police can arrest LGBT+ people under its pornographic law.