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Christopher Maloney claims he was sexually assaulted when he was 17 by a 40-year-old man

The former 'X Factor' contestant wrote about the abuse in his new autobiography Wildcard

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Christopher Maloney claims he was sexually assaulted by a 40-year-old man when he was 17.

The former X Factor contestant, now 40, was working on a cruise ship when he was a teenager and in his new autobiography, Wildcard, Maloney reveals he was constantly watched by an older chief engineer.

After claiming the man was ‘stalking’ him, the singer revealed that the man broke into his room one night where he physically and sexually assaulted him.

He said: “From the second week in rehearsals, I began to feel intimidating stares.

“The eyes of the chief engineer, a slimy 40-something Greek with weird, horrible, murderous eyes never left me.

“I smelt whisky on his breath and spotted his white overalls, silhouetting against the darkness.

“Then he pulled my pyjama bottoms down and began to thrust his way towards me. I had had no sexual experience.

“As I pushed him off, he began to attack me, punching me as I resisted, attempting to put his hand on my mouth. I felt sick.”

Maloney managed to scream and the man ran out of his room but was caught on the corner of the floor but claimed he was doing a late-night security check.

The singer went on to say that because of bullying he experience as a child, he glossed over the man’s behaviour before the assault.