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Charlie Condou and partner Cameron Laux set to wed today

By Nick Bond

Actor, writer and Attitude columnist Charlie Condou is set to wed his partner, Cameron Laux, today.

In a post on his Facebook page (which Condou has told us he’s happy for us to share with the readers of Attitude), Condou revealed the big secret, explaining that he and Laux had chosen a special way to mark the occasion of their 10th anniversary:

“Exactly 10 years ago, Cam and me had our first date. Today we’re getting married. We haven’t told anyone because we don’t want a fuss. Just doing it quietly with the kids and a few close family peeps. Exactly the way we always wanted.”


Best known for playing Marcus Dent in the long-running soap Coronation Street until last year, Condou has also been a vocal LGBT activist throughout his career. He and Laux have two children, conceived through IVF with actress Catherine Kanter, and have been fierce advocates for same-sex parenting – you can read their impassioned response to the recent Dolce & Gabbana gay parenting controversy here.

Back in our first Love & Marriage special issue, the pair opened up about their plans for marriage:

“We’ve spoken about it for years, but we’re very unromantic and still haven’t got it together,” said Condou.

“I don’t know how or when it’s going to happen, but we’ll probably just go off and do it quietly. No OK! wedding for us – unless the money is right, haha!’

‘We have always believed in equality and equal marriage,’ Charlie continued. ‘To us, civil partnership wasn’t equal. People were trying to sell it as marriage but it wasn’t. If it was, it would have had the same name. George Orwell said, “everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others”. And that’s what the whole gay marriage/civil partnership argument said to me. It was like we were being told you can sort of get married but not really.’

Congrats to Charlie and Cameron on their big day!

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