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Celebrities congratulate Ellen DeGeneres on being out for 20 years

By Joshua Haigh

Ellen is celebrating 20 years of being out.

The chat show host opened up about her sexuality both in her sitcom and her real life in a landmark move that paved the way for others two decades ago.

Ellen’s character on the show came out as the first lead lesbian character on television, and she quickly followed suit in real life.

While Ellen’s celebrating the moment, she’s also being joined by countless other stars who are congratulating her on the incredible occasion.

Michelle Obama made an appearance on The Ellen Show this week, where she told the star: “Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of announcing to the world who you are. Time and time again you have shown us what love really means.

“You are brave. You are kind. You are a terrible person to go shopping with, and I absolutely adore you. Congratulations again, love you much”

Fellow chat show host Oprah Winfrey said on Twitter: “You are responsible for so much of that changing. You were the bravest woman ever.”

Ellen’s wife, Portia De Rossi, left the most heartwarming message of all on social media, telling her followers how brave and courageous her wife was for deciding to come out all those years ago.

“When Ellen came out every single gay person in the world was just holding their breath and wondering what was going to happen her. But I don’t think anyone was doing it more than actors at that time. If she did it and kept her career together then maybe there was a chance that some one like I could do it.

“When everything came crashing to a holt three months or so after she came out it was a very clear message sent by the TV industry that it wasn’t going to tolerate gay people and it was incredibly difficult when she disappeared for three years. It was a horrible time because she was the one that was brave, the one who took the brunt of it.

“So when I heard she had a talk show I remember tuning in the first episode the day it premiered and I remember watching the monologue and I thought she’s done it,” she added.

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