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Casual sex ban: 55 per cent of Brits worry they’ll never be interested in sex again

Sex is currently illegal outside "established relationships".

By Jamie Tabberer

A new study indicates 55% of Brits worry they’ll never be interested in sex again.

Meanwhile, 41% of respondents claimed they are making themselves ‘unattractive’ to partners to avoid having sex since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Then, 29% of the 2,559 participants said they’re distracting themselves with video games.

“Low libido can be a taboo subject”

The study, by digital sex app Blueheart and reported by, also found that 27% of those surveyed felt ashamed of their bodies and 52% felt anxiety, fear or nervousness when their partner tries to initiate sex.

Dr. Katherine M. Hertlein, couples therapist, sexuality educator and expert advisor at Blueheart told the publication: “Low libido – like many other forms of sexual dysfunction – can be a real taboo subject.

“People are ashamed to discuss how they’re feeling for fear of being judged, as culturally we put a huge amount of pressure on people (particularly young people) to want to have sex all the time.”

The results follow a recent update to government social distancing guidelines effectively banning sex outside of ‘established relationships’.

In an interview last month, Health Secretary Matt Hancock repeatedly avoided defining what an established relationship actually is.

What are the rules around having sex?

Government guidance on ‘Meeting with others safely (social distancing)’ in England – from weddings and funerals to the ‘rule of six’ – is available to read here in a constantly-updating document.

But the doc in question makes no specific reference to sex.

One relevant section states: “You do not need to socially distance from anyone in your household, meaning the people you live with. You also do not need to socially distance from someone you’re in an established relationship with, or anyone in your legally-permitted support bubble if you are in one.”

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