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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau poses with gay MP’s family for adorable photo

By Micah Sulit

When liberal Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau ousted long-time conservative incumbent Stephen Harper in October, the world collectively drooled, but the dishy 43-year-old has won hearts anew when he recently posed for an adorable pic with a gay MP’s family.

Justin Trudeau

LGBT activist Laurent McCutcheon posted the photo on Facebook with the caption (in French), “Congratulations to Scott Brison, the new president of the Treasury Board, and Maxime St. Pierre, fathers of twins, Claire and Rose. Photo with Justin Trudeau.

“Few countries in the world are as open as you see here.”

Trudeau appointed Brison, the country’s longest-serving gay MP, to his cabinet last week.

The newly-elected leader has already promised to be a promoter of LGBT equality during his time in office: his campaign promises included introducing laws to protect transgender rights, lifting a ban on gay blood donors and appointing more LGBT people to government.

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