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Cameron ‘depressed’ that teenagers join a cult that ‘throws gay people off buildings’

By Josh Haggis

David Cameron has admitted that he is “depressed” about the idea that teenagers from the UK would want to join ISIS.

The Prime Minister made the remarks in an interview with Buzzfeed this week, following the release of three British teenage girls on Monday ( March 16), who were arrested after they allegedly left the country in a failed attempt to join ISIS.


Since last year, the Muslim extremist group have released numerous images and videos taken from the executions of men who they murdered because of their alleged sexuality.

“That people in an outstanding school can opt to go and join a death cult in Syria that believes in throwing gay people off buildings and cutting people’s heads off in the desert is deeply depressing and we should be really worried about this as a country,” said the Conservative party leader.

“I think they are deeply misguided and they are potentially going to join a criminal organisation which could make them part of a criminal or terrorist conspiracy. We want to get them back and try to get this radical nonsense out of their heads,” he added.

Meanwhile, Cameron revealed this week what ultimately changed his mind about same-sex marriage – find out more here.

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