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Breaking: Gay people don’t exist (claims U.S. Pastor)

By Joshua Haigh

A U.S. Pastor has claimed that gay people aren’t real.

John MacArthur, a preacher at the Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, revealed his bizarre belief when a church-goer asked whether his sexual orientation could stop him getting into heaven.

In response to the 78-year-old man’s question, MacArthur suggested that of course he would get into heaven, because being gay isn’t actually a thing that exists. Mind blown.

“No one is gay.  If you mean by that, that that’s some hard-wiring, no one is gay.”

He continued: “People commit adultery, they commit sins of homosexuality, they lie, they steal, they cheat. It’s like saying, ‘I keep robbing banks, but I’m a robber. I’m a bank robber. What am I gonna do? I’m a bank robber.’ That is not an excuse for what you do.”

“Are there certain kind of impulses that lead people in that direction? Yes. But I think one of the really deadly aspects of this is to let people define themselves as gay.

“They are not gay any more than an adulterer is hardwired to be forced by his own nature to commit adultery. Those are all behavioural sins that are condemned in scripture,” he added.