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Boyfriend of Las Vegas shooting victim pays tribute to partner who died in his arms

By Joshua Haigh

A man has opened up about the moment he tragically lost his boyfriend in the horrific Las Vegas shooting.

On Sunday (October 1), a gunman opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Over 500 people were injured and 59 dead, making it the largest mass shooting in modern US history.

Sadly 28-year-old Cameron Robinson was one those who lost his life, and his partner Bobby Eardley, who managed to survive the brutal shooting, has paid tribute to him in an emotional interview.

After Robinson was shot on the night of the terrifying attack, Eardley revealed that he held and spoke to him in an attempt to comfort him during his final moments.

“I just wanted to make sure that he knew that he wasn’t alone in those moments and I held him and talked to him the whole time. I know he wasn’t the only victim, and I know so many other people are going through exactly what I’m going through and my heart goes out to every single one of them.”

Eardley praised the people who helped him and so many other people on the night, saying: “I really just want to make sure that the heroes of the situation are also noticed.”

The survivor also recalled how everyone was loaded into the back of a truck on the way to the hospital.

“There was Cameron that was unconscious and another gentleman that was unconscious and there was a few other people in the back and two gentlemen did CPR on both those men the entire time to the hospital. It was just so incredible to see that drive and that determination and the will to help complete strangers.”

Eardley said that his partner was able to make everyone laugh, and revealed that he had helped his family come to terms with his sexuality.

“When I came out four years ago, I didn’t know how it was all going to go with my family. I knew they were accepting, but it took someone as special as Cameron to be able to open eyes for everyone and just learn love and acceptance. I’m so grateful to him for that”.

After Cooper asked when Eardley knew he was “the one”, the Vegas survivor said: “I’d say right away. We met online and we chatted for a week and then in person, I came down here to meet him in person.”




You can watch Eardley’s emotional interview below:

Meanwhile, several celebrities have called for tighter gun control

 following the deadly shooting, and a surge of blood donations have been made to help with treatment of those who were injured. However, despite the urgency for donations, LGBT men have been turned away from giving blood if they’ve recently had sex.

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