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Born to be a bottom? New study hints sexual role preferences are determined at birth

By Joshua Haigh

A research team has tried to discover a biological link between gay men and their sexual role preference.

A group of scientists at the University of Toronto Mississauga Investigated variation within the population of gay men based on their anal-sex roles, and their findings might surprise you.

The results of the study suggested that there are biological subgroups among gay men – implying that biological makeup could be a direct influence on whether a man likes to top or bottom.

It was discovered that men who prefer to bottom are more likely to have been gender non-conforming from an early age, and non-right handed.

They also tend to have a higher proportion of older male siblings.

A research paper released back in January written by New York Medical College’s David A. Moskowitz echoed the results, and found “that sexual position self-label was learned over a 15-year time-span”

Speaking to Jezebel, Moskowitz explained: “I specifically conducted [the “Recognition and Construction of Top, Bottom, and Versatile Orientations in Gay/Bisexual Men”] study to try to prove that anal penetrative role was far more innate than ever thought. We wanted to suggest that role, not unlike sexual orientation, was predetermined by biological factors.

“We found both in the chronology of gay and bisexual men’s self-labeling of their penetrative roles and in their attitudinal measures, evidence to suggest that understanding and assigning a role developed over time. Role orientation was essentially socialized by reactions to sexual trials, with adjustments made in label according to positive and negative outcome efficacies. Put simply, the more good or bad sexual experiences, over time, lead people to a role.

“I still ardently believe that biology plays a vital role in predisposing individuals towards more of a bottom or top orientation,” he added.

Do you think your sexual role preference was determined before you became an adult? Let us know what you think on social media.

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