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Bishop in Commonwealth country says gay agenda is forced on them

Victor Gill continues to believe the Bible condemns homosexuality

By Steve Brown

A bishop from Trinidad and Tobago defended jailing gay people.

Bishop Victor Gill appeared on the BBC’s Today programme this morning (17.04.18) where he claimed that if homosexuality becomes decriminalised, it will “criminalise Christian freedom”.

Earlier this month, a court ruling in the country struck down a British Colonial-era law which criminalises gay sex in the islands, and now Gill – who was challenged over his belief by host Nick Robinson – continued to say being gay was not OK.

He said: “The fact is, although the law has been there as a protection, the law has not been applied… we don’t have instances of it being applied.”

When asked whether jailing innocent gay people was something he agreed with he said: “Well, not necessarily. That is not my thing. [But] it is a crime to be gay, OK?”

He then went on to say that the Bible “condemns” homosexuality and said the pressure from the UK to decriminalise homosexuality will result in no “favours” from the Commonwealth.

He said: “As a Christian, homosexuality is something that the Bible condemns and at this time we feel from the perspective of the Christian community that this is something that is being forced on us by power brokers that are influencing our government to take us into this direction.

“This is neo-colonialism. Like, OK, you smaller countries, we give you this and you have to take it or you won’t get any favours of benefits from the Commonwealth.”

Gill then added how it should not be taught in schools that homosexuality is “normal” and said the gay agenda is being “forced on us”.

“We are also saying that homosexual rights must not trample on the rights of heterosexuals or Christians,” he added.

“Our children should not be indoctrinated in school that homosexuality is normal. I’m saying that the gay agenda is being forced on us.

“I’m saying given the dynamics of the time and what is happening, the government could make some compromise so that their rights don’t infringe on Christian freedom of speech and expression.

“Some provisions can be made that doesn’t allow gays to criminalise us and litigate against us for speaking out on that practice as wrong, just as the Bible say.”