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Being Muslim, Gay and an Escort

By Josh Lee


Admitting that without Indians and Middle Eastern guys, ‘we’d all be broke’, Mohammad Ashfaq speaks to The Spectator and opens up about his life being an escort.

“I know that overweight married Asians are our staple.”

Defining himself as no twink – which he describes are young, slim and smooth; being dark, hairy and muscled, his client appeal are those who want a ‘real man’. Escorting for just under four years he reveals his experiences have all been different with some very strange ones on the books.

“I see men of all different ages and backgrounds. I meet lawyers, businessmen, all sorts. I see a few politicians too.”

He elucidates that they think he’s unaware of their profession, but Ashfaq admits he keeps up to date with current affairs.

He shares a story of when one of his clients was a member of the House or Lords. A man that used to be married with a son and was also an MP for one of the poshest London constituencies. Not into sexual intercourse, he explains a different type of of sex, Wrestling safe-sex; a trend that picked up during the 1980s due to the panic of HIV.

Whilst some clients may be weary of Aids, others don’t seem to care. Ashfaq explains that many escorts don’t oblige to the option of unprotected sex for two reasons, either they are HIV positive or are desperate for the money because they are on drugs.

Ashfaq was granted asylum in this country because some of his gay friends back home were killed. His family are unaware of this and often ask him when he will find a wife and get married. He feels it is wrong to do that to a women but explains many people still do that – many of his clients are married men.

And like with any job, he gets bored.

“Some clients bury their heads in a pillow, others are so high on drugs that they don’t really have a clue what is going on.”

“Often I get my phone and start texting friends to make the time go by.”

Ashfaq can’t make plans as he often has to drop everything when a booking comes up. The busiest time is a Sunday evening.

“I think it’s because people have been at home with their wife and kids all weekend and it’s driven them mad. Hiring an escort is their way of coping with having spent the rest of the weekend in Ikea” he explains.

Whilst Ashfaq gets paid for his work, he explains there are added extras. He discloses that a friend of his recently got given £10,000 cash as a gift from a man he sees. Sometimes they take you on holiday but he says them ones can ‘be a bit needy’.

Despite being an ‘immigrant rent boy’ Mohammed values British- democracy and is soon to be a British nation. He finishes saying “I hope to go to university. And then settle down in this country which has saved my life”.

*Mohammed Ashfaq is a pseudonym