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Baker of Trump’s inauguration cake is donating profits to LGBTI charity

By Samuel McManus

On Friday (20 January) people were on the ball when noticing that one of Donald Trump’s inauguration cakes look almost identical to the cake created for Barack Obama in 2013.

Celebrity baker Duff Goldman was one of the people to notice the similarities as he was the one who created the original for Obama.

He took to Facebook to say: “The cake on the left is the one I made for President Obama’s inauguration four years ago. The one on the right is Trumps. I didn’t make it.”

The people who did create Trumps cake have come forward and claimed they were approached to make it.  Washington DC-based Buttercream Bakery were quick to say that it was a replica but cleared the air on their Instagram page.

In the post Buttercream bakery said: “Excited to share the cake we got to make for one of last night’s inaugural balls.

“While we most love creating original designs, when we are asked to replicate someone else’s work we are thrilled when it is a masterpiece like this one. @duff_goldman originally created this for Obama’s inauguration four years ago and this year’s committee commissioned us to recreate it.”

However they aren’t profiting from the commission, instead they will be donating the proceeded to the Human Rights Campaigns which is the biggest LGBT advocacy group in the US.

“Best part is all the profits are being donated to @humanrightscampaign, one of our favorite charities who we have loved working with over the years. Because basic human rights are something every man, woman and child~ straight, gay or the rainbow in between~ deserve!” they added in the post.

The owner of Buttercream Bake Shop, Tiffany MacIsaac, spoke to Washington Post: ‘They came to us a couple of weeks ago, which is pretty last minute, and said, ‘We have a photo that we would like to replicate’.”

“I’m a small-business owner, and one of the things I’m very, very proud about is that I don’t discriminate,” she added.

“I would never turn someone away based on their age, their sex, their sexual orientation, their political views. It’s just not the way we operate.”

The company have produced many LGBT-themed cakes in the past.

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