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Austria denies another LGBT asylum seeker saying he is ‘too girlish’ to be gay

The country have recently denied asylum to an Afghan teenager citing aggression wasn't expected of a homosexual

By Steve Brown

Austria have denied another LGBT asylum seeker after claiming he is too “girlish” to be believably gay.

The Iraqi man was said to have displayed ‘stereotypical, in any case excessive ‘girlish’ behaviour (expression, gestures)’ which the officials believed to be fake, the Austrian newspaper Kurier reported.

The asylum seeker – who is reported to have been active in LGBT groups – fled his home country in 2015 out of fear of his life.

Although he was denied asylum, officials claimed they were working effectively and denied that their decision contained ‘cliched phrasing’.

This comes just days after the country rejected another LGBT asylum seeker from Afghanistan claiming aggression isn’t “expected from a homosexual”.

According to the Falter Newspaper, the official found no grounds for fear of persecution for the 18 year old but the assessment reportedly said that because the teenager fought with others he had the potential for aggression and said this “wouldn’t be expected from a homosexual”.