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Anti-trans ‘bathroom bill’ defeated for a second time in Texas

By Joshua Haigh

An anti-trans bathroom room bill has once again been defeated in Texas.

It marks the second time a proposed bathroom bill from Republican Governor Greg Abbott has been shot down in the state, and is another huge win for LGBT+ activists who campaigned against the legislation.

Company’s including Amazon and Exxon Mobil spoke out against the anti-trans bill, and they were joined in their condemnation by some law enforcement agencies.

“Today’s victory shows what can happen when transgender Americans and their allies stay vigilant and push back against legislation that helps no one and harms many,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, head of Glaad, a national LGBT rights group.

“The last 29 days have been nothing more than a waste of time and taxpayer dollars,” added Democratic state Rep. Chris Turner.

A poll earlier this year found that a majority of Americans oppose ‘bathrooms bills’ that require transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with their birth-gender, rather than their gender identity.

Public Religion Research Institute released a poll on Friday (March 10) which found that 53% of the 2,000 people surveyed said they oppose the bills. Around 40% said they support the bills while under 10% claim they had no opinion on the matter.

According to Reuters, the results also revealed that 65% of Democrats and 36% of Republicans oppose the bills.