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An egg being cared for by two gay penguins fails to hatch a chick

Skipper and Ping were given an egg when they started showing signs that they wanted to become fathers

By Steve Brown

An egg that was being cared for by a gay penguin couple in Berlin Zoo fails to hatch a chick.

Skipper and Ping were transferred from Hamburg’s zoo back in April and they both started showing signs that they wanted to become fathers after trying to hatch fish and stones.

After watching the couple, zoo staff decided to give them a real egg from the only female in the group – who had tried and failed to hatch eggs for several years.

Staff at the zoo were unsure whether the egg had been fertilised but now staff at the zoo confirmed that the egg ‘burst open’ but it was not fertilised.

They wrote on Twitter: “Our same-sex #kingpenguin couple has finished brooding his egg.

“On September 2nd the egg burst open and was unfortunately not fertilized. Surely they will get the chance to become parents again in the future. #ZooBerlin”

Hopefully the penguins will get another egg with a chick soon!