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‘American Horror Story’ actor Harry Hains dies aged 27

The genderfluid actor and model passed away on Tuesday (7 January), his mother has confirmed.

By Will Stroude

Australian actor and model Harry Hains, who appeared in show including American Horror Story: Hotel and The OA, has died at the age of 27.

The genderfluid star’s tragic death was confirmed by his mother, former Mission: Impossible actress Jane Badler, in an Instagram post on Thursday (9 January).

“On Jan 7 my beautiful son died,” wrote Badler. “He was 27 and had the world at his feet. But sadly he struggled with mental illness and addiction.

“A brilliant spark shone bright too short a time… I will miss you Harry every day of my life…”

Badler added that a memorial service for son will take place this weekend in Los Angeles, where Hains resided.

Hains was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia before moving to the United States to pursue a career in acting.

In 2015, he starred in LGBTQ drama The Surface and made an appearance in an episode of American Horror Story Hotel, ‘Devil’s Night’, before late going on to appear in Netflix drama The OA.

Discussing his sexuality and gender identity in an interview last year, Hains, who also recorded music under the name ANTIBOY, said: “I know that I am born male but I don’t think I represent what it means to be a man.

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“These days, I’m letting God handle all things above me // The things I can’t change are the reasons you love me.”

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“I believe we should be whatever we want. It gets kind of confusing when we start labelling ourselves so I try to stay away from labels.

“I grew up in Melbourne and I had a very open and accepting family. Dating someone of either sex didn’t make a difference to me.”