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Gay DJ in London announces Ukraine Pride fundraiser night

Sofia Lapina, the president of Ukraine Pride, is expected to attend the event in Dalston

By Attitude Staff

Max and Will, and a Ukraine Pride attendee (Images: Supplied)
Max and Will, and a Ukraine Pride attendee (Images: Supplied)

A London-based gay DJ is to host a Ukraine Pride fundraiser in East London next month, the night after Pride In London.

The night launches on 2 July at the LGBTQ venue: Village 512 in Dalston, London.

The event is a fundraising response following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, with tens of thousands having since died.

“Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, I have been looking for a way to support Ukraine,” says Will Corder.

As well as the devastating war happening in the country, Carpe Noctem intends to help support LGBTQ+ rights, donitaing proceeds to Ukraine Pride.

“When war comes to your land, it does not ask about your gender or sexual orientation.”

Reflecting on how Carpe Noctem started, Corder said in a press statement: “It kind of just happened. Max [Mclean] started putting on dance nights in local event spaces and we’d get together for a much overdue knees-up.”

“I started DJing for Max in 2022 and, earlier on this year, Max and his partner who he used to put the nights on with decided to go their separate ways and it just fell into place that I took up the reigns with Max, bringing my fresh perspective and ideas to the table and Carpe Noctem was born.”

Mclean adds the genesis was “to create a safe space for like-minded people to come together and DANCE.”

The event is being held in collaboration with UKRAINEPRIDE and a Ukrainian DJ will be playing on the night.

Ukraine Pride event
Ukraine Pride event (Images: Supplied)

UKRAINEPRIDE president, Sofia Lapina, noted: “The Ukrainian LGBTQ+ community is an integral part of Ukraine’s cultural identity… When war comes to your land, it does not ask about your gender or sexual orientation.”

“For us, the support of Carpe Noctem is [solid], it brings us all together to remind us of the initial idea of what Pride is about – promoting the community’s protection of rights and equality in solidarity. We are extremely grateful for this support and are honoured to partner with them.”

Mclean notes that the Carpe Noctem nights out are “all about [having a] good time.”

Mclean adds the live sax and percussionists play along with DJs at the parties at the end of the month. Additionally, there is a real mix of music spanning disco, progressive, melodic, tech and funky house.

The Ukrain Pride fundraiser Carpe Noctem even is on the 2nd July at Village 512 in Dalston, London.