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Róisín Murphy issues statement following ‘transphobic’ comments

"This is so sad roisin, you should know better as an artist," someone has responded.

By Alastair James

Róisín Murphy
Róisín Murphy (Images: Nik Pate)

The singer Róisín Murphy has put out a statement following “transphobic” comments she is alleged to have made.

The Irish singer, 50, posted a statement on Tuesday (29 August) where she excused herself from discussing trans issues.

It came after a Reddit user posted a screenshot of a Facebook post with a comment underneath belonging to an account using Murphy’s name.

The Reddit user said the account in Murphy’s name is unverified, “though is likely her personal Facebook account.”

The Reddit user – SkyrimSchmyrim – added: “This one really hurts. Awaiting for her to address this.”

In the comment dated 23 August 2023, Murphy pleaded not to be called a TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) and that puberty blockers, one form of gender-affirming care, “are F***ED.”

The account added: “Little mixed up kids are vulnerable and need to be protected, that’s just true.”

“It was something that had been on my mind”

In her statement posted on Tuesday Murphy, using her verified account said she had been “thrown into a very public discourse in an arena I’m uncomfortable in and deeply unsuitable for.”

She said it had been “heartbreaking” to see what impact those words had on others.

She also appeared to confirm ownership of the Facebook account.

“The morning I made these comments I was scrolling and I brought up a specific issue that was only broadly related to the original post.

“It was something that had been on my mind. I knew my friends were informed about the topic. I should’ve known too that I was stepping out of line.”

The ‘Fader’ singer also said she has spent her “whole life celebrating diversity and different views.”

She then addressed her fans, specifically those she appears to have lost since the comments emerged in public forums.

She wrote “I understand, I really do, but please know I have loved every one of you.”

Murphy continued: “l am so sorry my comments have been directly hurtful to many of you. You must have felt a huge shock, blindsided by this so abruptly. I understand fixed views are not helpful but I really hope people can understand my concern was out of love for all of us.”

The singer decided to step back from the issue and said she would now “completely bow out of this conversation” and that she wasn’t “the slightest bit interested in turning it into ANY kind of ‘campaign’.”

Murphy then concluded: “My true calling is music and music will never exclude any of us, I believe it will always be one of the greatest tools we can use to create a culture of tolerance.”

“Very disappointed”

Reaction to the statement has varied with some expressing their disappointment with the Moloko performer while others stood with her.

One person took Murphy’s comment about bowing out of the conversation altogether as “meaning Roisin Murphy will continue to be transphobic in private. Shame.”

Someone else described it as a “poor apology” adding they were “very disappointed.”

“This is so sad roisin, you should know better as an artist,” someone else typed.

Attitude has reached out to representatives for Murphy for comment.